Monday, April 4, 2011

Malaysia - Part 1

Alpha 55, HDR level 4, handheld.  I love this camera!

I’m writing this blog entry on the plane back from Malaysia (which in itself is remarkable – I remember a time when there was enough room to use a laptop in coach.)  And the trip was a blast!  There’s so much to share, in fact, that I’m going to split this across two different blog posts.  This week will talk about the event at which I was speaking; next week I’ll talk about some of the stories behind the Malaysia shots that ended up on the website.

What was I doing on this trip?  I was invited by Sony Malaysia to speak at the Sony Alpha Convention 2011, held at the ritzy Kuala Lumpur Convention Center.  The event was pretty lavish – one entire convention center hall housed a lecture stage, several performance areas, and lots of Sony’s products were on hand for people to try – including some of the more exotic equipment like the 70-400 G lens mounted on an A900.  The 3-day event had continuous lectures by 21 guest photographers.  I have to say I’ve attended many such corporate events in my day and I was very impressed by what Sony had done here.  You can get a feel for the event from Sony’s own video from the event here:  and a longer version here: