Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shooting for Yoga and Wedding Horror Stories

In this issue:

  • Shooting for Yoga
  • The Sony Alpha 33 and 55 book is out!
  • Seminar update (Boston, Lethbridge, and Ottawa open for registration!)
  • A week in Armenia?
  • Wedding Photography horror stories
Shooting for Yoga

It’s always nice to see your work appear commercially.  Last year I was asked by Ida Unger, an amazing Iyengar yoga instructor, to take photographs for a very interesting project she was working on – a poster and forthcoming book connecting two of her spiritual worlds, Yoga and Kabbalah (ancient Jewish mysticism).  The assignment was to take hi-res pictures of her in yoga poses which correlated with the shapes of Hebrew letters.  You can see the first fruits of this effort in the poster image above.