Thursday, October 7, 2021

Which Camera Has The Best "Color Science"?

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Which Camera Has The Best "Color Science"?

Image courtesy Wikipedia

You see the term Color Science bandied around a lot.  The topic is most important to videographers, as it's important to them that all cameras shooting a scene have the same "look", necessitating that all video cameras come from the same manufacturer.

All Color Science really means is "How the camera renders colors" - Sony is famous for being the most accurate; whereas Canon is known for pleasing skin tones.  The rendered output is determined by the Bayer RGB color array sitting on top of the sensor, plus the demosaicing algorithm essential to creating the color image.

Of course this may be common knowledge to many of you.  If you want a good introduction check out this well-explained video by Gerald Undone.  What's not commonly known is this insight about the different filter arrays posited by the editor of Cameracraft Magazine, David Kilpatrick, who had the gall to proclaim that the camera with the best color ever belonged to -- the Konica Minolta 5D!  

What's behind such heresy?  Here's an excerpt from a comment thread he made on a recent Facebook post explaining his proclamation: