Sunday, April 2, 2023

How to Create Time Lapse Videos with Pan and Zoom

In This Issue:

  • How to create Time Lapse videos with Pan and Zoom
  • 20-second Photoshop Tips
  • Shooting in Cold Temperatures
  • The Usual Announcements
  • A new Zoom lecture for Photo Clubs

How to create Time Lapse Videos with Pan and Zoom

Have a look at the time lapse video below:

Time lapse videos like this are produced by placing your camera on a tripod, taking a series of pictures at regular intervals (in this case 217 images taken every 10 seconds), and then turning those single images into a movie using video editing software later on.  But notice that in this brief clip, the camera is panning left-to-right.  That usually requires an expensive motion control rig that I don't own.  So how was it done?

The ability to pan after-the-fact in a video like this is possible thanks to the relatively small size of video files compared to the large number of megapixels modern cameras can capture.  For example, in the illustration below, the green square represents the image size in pixels of the Sony A7R V, where the pink square represents the size in pixels of an HD video:

Saturday, April 1, 2023

My Short-Lived Acting Career


Once upon a time, in my youth, I was a magician.  Hold onto that factoid for a moment.