Sunday, June 14, 2020

Ten of the Smartest People I Know

  • He testified before Congress about the dangers Near-Earth Asteroids pose to humanity.
  • He was Executive Vice President and director of research for the Space Studies Institute in Princeton, NJ.
  • He was Vice President of Publications of the Aerospace and Electronics Systems Society of IEEE.
  • He was the chairman of the Planetary Defense Committee of AIAA
  • He served as a consultant to the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board and the NATO Industrial Advisory Board.
  • He was co-founder and 3rd president of the National Council of Systems Engineering.
  • He taught graduate-level engineering courses at USC for over 20 years.
  • He rubbed elbows with high-profile physicists like Freeman Dyson and Neil DeGras Tyson
  • He wrote a Chapter in the seminal work “The High Frontier” by Gerry O’Neil
  • He was an elected fellow of the IEEE, INCOSE and IAE engineering societies.
And all that was AFTER he retired from Northrop corp. as a Senior Vice President!

[Editor's note: My dad died on May 31, 2020.  I'm setting up this blog post as a tribute and a shrine to one of the smartest and humblest people I've ever met.  Even most of his co-workers were unaware of his level of accomplishment.  This post has nothing at all to do with photography, but read on and get to know a most remarkable person.  -GF]