Thursday, June 12, 2008

New video footage added to China blog

Ever since returning from my 6-month stay in China back in 2004, there was always this nagging feeling I had at the back of my mind – there was one more thing I wanted to share with my readers, but I never was able to do so.
What was it?  In Chapter 17 I talked about what REAL Chinese food was like, and I also talked about the only food I encountered while there that I could not bring myself to eat:   Chicken embryos – still in the eggshell – that you open up, dip in salt, and the put the whole thing in your mouth – feathers, beak, everything.  You could buy them from street food vendors everywhere.  And although I showed pictures of them on the blog (, I really wanted to go one step further – to show a video of local citizens breaking the egg open, dipping them in salt, and then throwing the whole thing in their mouths.  Alas, I never got the opportunity to film it, but my desire to add the video persisted.
Over the years I kept in touch with some of my students by email, and have asked them periodically to supply me with such footage, and recently one such student finally came through!  So now, after more than 4 years of being home, I can finally say that my China blog is complete.  You can view the non-professional-quality, cellphone-acquired video at, near the bottom of the page.  (And if you’d like to read the whole work free of charge, you can start here 

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