Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gary Fong’s Lightsphere II Diffuser - Cloud – Personal Experience

GaryFong.com sells a very popular light diffuser that I tried out, ann now finally my report is in.  In principle the diffuser is a great idea - not only does it soften the light, it also distributes it everywhere.  If you're in a small room with low, white ceilings and light-colored walls, this has the potential to make the lighting look much more natural.  Plus, there are so many variables regarding where the light goes!  You can shoot with the "top" (the "cloud") off or on, or you can point the entire assembly forward for a full-on, diffused light.  I like having choices.

But how does it compare to my old standard, the piece-of-paper-strategically-placed-on the flash (as described in my books) which is essentially FREE?  Click here to read the whole review and find out!  

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