Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Postcard from Nova Scotia

The Nova Scotia, Canada seminar took place in early August, which was a joy.  Not only was it extremely well-received, but also Carol and I got a chance to see the province - something that we had always wanted to do.  We made so many wonderful friends and got to tour a beautiful location (and eat a lot of lobster!)  Some gratuitous pictures are below.

Let's see... Good light?  Check.  Strong composition?  Check.  No distracting background?  Check.  This place makes getting great shots easy! :-)

More on that Lighthouse Shot

Scroll to the top and you'll see a very competent image of a lighthouse at dusk.  But it didn't look like that out of the camera.  Truth be told, to get it to look that good I had to shoot RAW and then post-process.  What did it look like before?

 Just look at all that vignetteing in the corners!  This was because my Zeiss 24-70 lens (the one that got scratched last month) was still being repaired.  On this trip I used the old Minolta 24-105 lens on my A900.  That's OK; post-processing can cure all sorts of optical ills like vignetting, pincushion distortion, and chromatic aberrations. :-)  In this case, I used Photoshop to eliminate that artifact by lightening the corners.

Here's what else I did in post-processing:
  • Selected just the sky.  Made it brighter, added a little red.
  • Selected everything that wasn't the sky.  Used the curve tool to brighten the blacks.  Used color balance to make things a little less dreary.
  • Cropped a little.
The secret to hiding your image manipulation is to do everything in small amounts.  A collection of small tweaks will look more impressive and more natural than any single large tweak.  (A restriction in space prevents me from describing, step-by-step, how all of those things were done.  If you'd like a rundown on how to do some of these things, check out the chapter in my book which describes how to use the software that came with your camera.)
Florida and Nova Scotia seminars are open for enrollment! http://www.FriedmanArchives.com/seminars

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