Thursday, October 1, 2009

How to Shoot a CEO

Last month I had the pleasure of doing a studio session with the CEO of C4 Worldwide/ C4 Finance Group.  Using my usual poor man's studio (and my A900 and 80-200 G lens) I captured a wide variety of poses that would be used for marketing purposes throughout the year.

In this session (as with all of my photo sessions), I covered my bases with the formula Executive poses, but I also wanted to do one better - I wanted to really capture his personality and enthusiasm, and wanted to get away from the stoic and lifeless portraits that typically infest annual reports.  And so I blocked out about 3 hours to do this shoot.  He came with several changes of clothes, and I invested a lot of time getting him comfortable in front of the camera.  We shot.  I showed him the results.  I had him tell me a story.  And I think the pictures conveyed his personality pretty well. 

Florida and Nova Scotia seminars are open for enrollment!

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