Friday, July 9, 2010

Hong Kong and Shenzhen - Part 2

The heat wave continues.  It’s hot and humid in Shenzhen, the mainland China province which manufacturers no end of consumer electronics goods.  How hot is it?  Here's a picture I took just five minutes after my camera emerged from the air-conditioned hotel room:

(Couldn't use my camera for about 1/2 hour...)

Today I’m at a small electronics factory where they make metronomes and digital guitar tuners.  One of the reasons I’m getting these shots is that I believe there’s a need for pictures other than the sleeping overworked Chinese factory workers we constantly in the mainstream press.  (Most aren’t overworked.  Busy factories just have three shifts.) (Besides, I got my fill of shooting sleeping Chinese workers back in 2003.  )

The light on this outdoor seamstress (above) really makes the shot.  Did I use a wireless flash and a small bouncing umbrella to camera left to get such pleasing portrait light?  Ummm… no.  The sewing machine had its own light (so she can work at night) which illuminated her face quite nicely.  I just took care that the light wasn’t in the shot.


(More photos can be seen here, although I haven't had time to caption them yet.)

That’s it from here.  Tsai Chien! 


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  1. Always a professional, always on point and always worth reading because even in your humor, you're always teaching.

    Thank you Master Friedman

    DR Rawson

  2. Great photos Gary and as ever a very readable commentary.

    Until next time

  3. I love your camera manual for my sony A350.
    It is incredibly rich with instructions and how tos on everything for this camera.
    I have learnt a lot although no expert yet!
    I am amazed at your attention to detail and how long it must have taken to understand how this particular camera works and then be able to put it all into words.
    But wait, you do the same for all those other cameras. How do you do that?
    You're a legend Gazza! We nickname Gary into Gazza here in Australia.
    You're in mate with a grin, as we say.