Thursday, April 11, 2013

Singapore and Kuala Lumpur and...

A LOT of cool stuff in this issue:
  • A99 and NEX 5R / NEX 6 ebooks are out!
  • Singapore's Iconic Architecture (and the building I can't show you)
  • Sony's top Lens Designer speaks at Sony Alpha Experience 2013 (video)
  • Kickstarter project - help make a romantic comedy!
  • Next Seminars...
Another Busy Month
I just returned from Malaysia and Singapore, then when I got back I pushed out not one, but TWO new books:
As with other recent e-books, one price gets you a .pdf (ideal for your computer or iPad), a .mobi version for your Kindle, AND a .epub format for every other type of e-reader.  Those who opt for the printed versions also get a .pdf file - just email me your receipt and I'll send you a download link.  Spread the word!

What was I doing in Kuala Lumpur?

Sony flew me out there to be a guest speaker at their Sony Alpha Experience 2013 where I was to give two lectures.  In the photo below I'm joined by two other guest speakers, Melisa Teo who used her Alpha 900 to go on a spiritual journey (it's a pretty amazing story, and her pictures are quite unique (check out her work at, and 30-year National Geographic photographer Michael Yamashita (whose work, as you might guess, is pretty gosh-darned good :-)  On Saturday I gave a talk about some of my photo journeys where things went horribly wrong, and on Sunday I gave a reprise of my wireless flash talk which I first gave in 2011.  Someone who was there blogged about the event - see .
Three Guest Lecturers - Melisa Teo, Me, and Michael Yamashita
Me and Mike Yamashita onstage answering questions from the crowd.

The crowd.

Me signing one of my works on display.
An interesting story - Michael Yamashita shot many assignments with the Alpha 900 (now he’s using the A99 and loves it!).  He usually shoots RAW+JPG, and sends the RAW files to the NatGeo staff for post-processing.  Mike credits the DRO feature for making the shadows look exactly how his eye sees them, and he tells his staff to “make the RAW files look just like the .jpg”.  On several occasions the staff complained, “We can’t!”.  This reinforces other stories I’ve heard where it can take an hour or more to do in Photoshop (by experienced users!) what the intelligent DRO feature does in mere seconds.

A Video of Sony's Top Lens Designer

One of the more interesting talks was of Sony's top lens designer.  I knew it would be popular so I videotaped it for you - it's about 35 minutes long and apologies ahead of time for the amateurish camerawork:

No Sony Alpha event would be complete without some gratuitous model shots taken in Kevin Ng's studio:
Fan is in the picture on purpose. :-)
(Hey, why not shoot a Xaphoon commercial while I'm at it?)
This was taken outdoors with two wireless flashes.
Behind-the-scenes shot for the previous picture.  Notice two flashes and two volunteers to hold them.
No trip to Malaysia would be complete without tasting some Durian, a fruit known as much for its smell as it is for its taste.   (The smell is so strong that most hotels ban the fruit inside the room and have "No Durian" signs posted everywhere.)

And then onto Singapore...
Then I traveled to Singapore the following weekend to give a seminar to a packed room.  

The Singapore Seminar attendees
Singapore's Iconic Architecture includes the new Marina Bay Sands (and the first two images of this blog).

There is no better use for the HDR feature than on city skylines at night.
The Building I Can't Show You
If there was any disappointment on my trip to Singapore it was the inability to photograph the interior of the Parkview Square office building. Done up in 1920's Art Deco style (but on steroids), the interior is breathtakingly magnificent. Wine faries fly up to the wine center wall (aided by cables :-)) to fetch you the perfect vintage. Yeah, it's that kind of over-the-top design. Management prohibits photographing the interior (I tried twice!), however here's a poorly made youtube video which doesn't do this place justice but at least you know I'm not lying to you.

A New Kickstarter Project
Remember the $1800 picture I blogged about a couple of months ago

Well, the project is now on Kickstarter and YOU can help make it happen! Watch Greg explain the plot in a video originally made in MY studio! 

Parting Thought...

The next seminars are Seattle (June 22-23, 2013) and then Gibsons, Vancouver the following weekend (June 29-30).  More info and signup links are here: 

Also, the latest issue of Cameracraft is now out!  Subscribe to this highly-acclaimed labor of love here: 

Until next time...
Yours Truly, Gary Friedman


  1. Gary, You always seem to go to the best places. Well done!

  2. Glad to here about Cameracraft. Really looking forward to the new issue

  3. You're definitely a nice and/or happy guy Gary.
    That's good for you and for everybody who get in touch with you.

  4. Just discovered your Minolta Video, and have been perusing your blog. I got an XG-7 w/1.4 lens for HS graduation. Awesome for taking indoor non-flash concert shots. Wish I could use my old lenses on a new digital body.


    1. You can! Get a NEX camera and an adapter. -GF

    2. Now you tell me!

      I just bought a used Canon 350D on ebay for $175. My first digital slr. Did I make a mistake?

      Before I spend money new lenses for the canon, How much is a "Nex camera body & adapter". I have some nice Rokkor X lenses. How well will they work together?

      I'm on a broke photographer budget, but want things to work right.


    3. Please send me an email Gary at Friedman Archives dot com for more info.

  5. You have some type of pop-up that is trying to load when someone opens this page. It seems to be malicious.

    I am commenting as anonymous just because I am not sure that it is actually going to your site.

    1. Yeah, it took me awhile but I found the culprit. It was the "share this" widget on the right which worked just fine for years but then suddenly got aggressive with popups (it seems only Firefox users were affected). Thanks for letting me know! GF

  6. Hola, estoy interesada en comprar la guía completa para la sony alpha37 pero en español, existe tal versión?



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