Saturday, August 2, 2008

Another Way to Use Dynamic Range Optimization

On this trip (see previous blog post) for the first time I experimented with combining DRO (Dynamic Range Optimization, which on the A700 you can actually invoke manually) with Sunset Mode during an actual sunset.  Wow!   (More info after the break...)

Recall that DRO will automatically lighten some of the dark parts of an image while leaving the lighter parts untouched.  In the example above and below I used DRO Level 3 (which is the most I ever use - pictures tend to look to strange if you use levels 4 or 5).

This technique was also responsible for the shot below, which needed no post-processing at all - it looked phenomenal right out of the camera!  It is one of my favorite shots from the trip (and definitely one I can sell!)

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