Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tweak to A700 Remote Control Behavior

Michael White, a reader of my Alpha 700 ebook, writes in with this tip:

"Dear Gary,

When you talk about the remote control in Chapter 2, you state: "Despite what Sony's user manual says, when you press either the "Shutter" or "2 sec." button, the camera WILL autofocus first before taking the shot!".  That is not quite true: it will only autofocus if you set the camera to AutoFocus Priority mode.  If it is in Release Priority mode... it will take the pic right when you press the button [without autofocusing first]."

Michael is right, and I'm extremely impressed at his attention to detail!  As soon as I get a spare minute I'll update the book, but in the meantime, now you know.  Thanks, Michael!

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